About Quilting Gadgets

I  love to admit it, I am a Quiltaholic!About Nicole

I am a 20-year quilting veteran and still have no desire to slow down.  As my quilting became more of a passion, the urge to build a quilting website was born.  Since I am interested in developing my own quilting patterns and truly obsess over quilting gadgets, it only seemed right to get going and do what I have been wanting to do.

I have been a computer user since the 1980’s and have loved the learning process of using the internet.    I want a website that would educate the new quilter so that she could learn how to quilt and show experienced quilters of all ages something new.  I want a place where I would grow even more as I face the challenge of building a website. I want a site that offers quality quilting tools and products at reasonable prices, a place to do reviews and even comparisons of different and quilting supplies.  I also want to include quilt fabrics.

I need a place to express myself and my creativity. I love to talk to people about quilting.  So I will be blogging and I hope you will enjoy what I have to say.  I am always open to comments, suggestions, and critiques.

I am also bringing an online Quilting Gadgets Boutique for you.  I hope you will enjoy shopping on it as it will be a way for me to maintain this site.

In the review and comparison section, as I try out new tools and products I will be selling, please feel free to leave comments and reviews on certain tools. This helps other consumers know what is a great product to buy.

Although I have quilted many quilts I still consider myself an intermediate quilter.  There are many methods of quilting and I am still learning and experiencing many new forms of the art.  A few techniques I have never tried, but have a yearning to do, are quilting a whole-cloth quilt, learning trapunto or trying broderie perse applique.  There are so many methods used in the quilting world and it will take a lifetime to experience them all!

I enjoy designing and have designed quilts right from the first quilting course I took.  This creative process is due to the fact I like unique items. I am also left-handed and south-paws use the creative parts of the brain.  Although I enjoy building someone else’s pattern, I love the challenge of creating my own quilting pattern.

In northern British Columbia, Canada, the winters are long, so I have many hours to work on my projects.  I am like many quilters, with plenty of UFOs (unfinished fabric objects), but I am also a quilter that likes changing it up often so I don’t get bored with what I am doing.  I quilt with a never ending circle of projects and as time goes by projects get finished.  I very seldom give up on a project, usually because I love the project right up until it is finished which can sometimes take several years.  I am a true quilter that lives with the philosophy that it doesn’t matter how long something takes, as long as it is done eventually.  Another words, I might start a quilt for a nephew when he is a child, but he might receive it when he has children!

This site is my dream and made with you in mind! Please enjoy!

Happy Quilting,

Nicole Becker

Founder of Quilting Gadgets.com

P.S. To reach me with any questions, suggestions or help please contact me at: nicole@quiltinggadgets.com